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Caves Is Zuddas 45 min


The caves of Is Zuddas are found in the southwest of Sardinia in the municipality of Santadi in the Sulcis area which is six kilometers.

The cavity is developed within the upstream Meana, a solid consisting of very ancient dolomite rocks dating back to 530 million years ago. The cave, still in operation, was discovered by cavers in 1971. The constant internal temperature is 16 degrees, with a humidity rate close to 100%.

Over a distance of 500 meters you can admire impressive concretions, stalactites and stalagmites, columns, tubular stalactites training, cannulas and especially rare aragonite needles, concentrated in a single room and calls by cavers “cave flowers”. These white crystal clumps develop in any direction (against the law of gravity) in spectacular thread-like formations, making only the cave.

In the initial part of the cavity can be observed the skeletal remains of the Sardinian Pika, a lagomorfe (Lagomorpha) from the size of a hare, present only in Sardinia and Corsica and became extinct about 400 years ago.